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Its laundry day for busty Dors Feline! She poses in her kitchen with white wall and matching cabinets and black tiled floor. There is a microwave in the corner. Her brunette hair is short and parted to a side to cover her eyes and has a red dye added for appeal. Her fluorescent green two piece bikini top has been pulled down over her boobs to show how busty they are. Her large areolas have a light shade and her nipples are rect. Her green panty is still in place and the light red mini skirt pulled all the way down her smooth legs.

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Sexy Dors Feline is a British brunette who is a music buff. She poses as a DJ in a dark rough painted black wall. A sophisticated music mixer is in front of her and she lightly leans on it. Her short brunette hair is tinted with pop red and parted to a side. She wears a light red lipstick. Both her arms are tattooed all over and her busty boobs that are topless hang naturally and her big areola and nipples can be seen. Her curvy body has a black lace panty on and black stockings.

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Sexy Dors Feline has the greatest boobs in all of Great Britain. She poses in a dimly lit room with black cabinets at knee level. Her hair is unruly and tinted with a vampish red color. Her arms are both tattooed and she holds her big knockers with them hiding her areola and nipples. Her boobs are very large. The striped cotton lingerie is pulled down to her waist to expose her boobs. Her sexy legs can also be seen. The look on her face is that of a sexy seductress.

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Open your doors to busty Dors Feline! Her hair is done in neat curls and tinted with a tinge of red. She poses in her bedroom with a brown grain finished door, off white carpet and dressing counter curtained with a heavy floral patterned cloth. Her arms are tattooed completely and she poses in her white patterned lingerie. It strains against the pressure exerted by her huge boobs, the biggest in all of UK you would wonder. She wears a panty of the same shade and she has dotted stilettos on her sexy legs.

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Feline and Pussy go well that’s the case with the British beauty Dors Feline! She lays spread out on a slightly tinted tiled floor. Her hair is slick and dyed a deep red to her natural brunette shade. Both her arms are heavily tattooed and they are untying a knot on her red top that has receded to the middle with her busty knockers sliding through them. They are large and round and her areola big and her nipples erect. Except for the tattoos her body is slick smooth and her sexy legs are spread to show off her bald pussy slit. The black stilettos match her well.

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Britain’s got Dors and Dor’s got boobs. British beauty Dors Feline poses against a polished mica wood panel. Her brunette hair is spiced with a shade of red. She is in a pensive mood and biting her nails. Her arms are a store house of tattoos and it’s a dainty collection. She has on a British official costume that is black and with big golden studs. It has been pulled down just to show her knockers. They are so busty and seem not to be contained by both her hands. The large areola and nipple can be seen.

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Sexy girl Dors Feline got finesse. She poses against a black drape with black and gold thick stripes. Her hair is almost all red and slightly falls on her eye. She has mascara and light lipstick. Her one pieces heart patterned lingerie has been pulled off her top to reveal her busty boobs. She uses her hands to hide the areola and nipples. She has a jade pendant and big studded ring. Her plus sized body has a sexy un pierced navel and sexy folds leading to her muff. The panty is still on and her sexy legs can be seen.

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Sexy Dors Feline sits in a dimly lit room. The wall is fiber or plexi and tinted a shade of emerald green. There is a large chair with big soft white cushions and a grey basket near her. Her hair is almost all red and Pop art style. The designer black bra is sexy and holds loosely but the cups do their job well. Her natural round boobs are so sexy. The blue midi that she wears has been pulled up to her waist and shows off her sexy legs.

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If you like ogling at big knockers then Dors Feline is the gal for you. She is a busty British brunette. The room she stands in has white walls and is well lit. There is a huge box of drawers on which she leans. Her Pop red tinted hair is unruly. A bit of makeup is seen on her face. She is absolutely naked and her arms are covered with tattoos. Her large knockers hang well and natural leaving the thinnest cleavage that they can adjust to. They hang down to the muff level and only her sexy legs can be seen.

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Dors Feline is a British babe with natural knockers. It’s a brightly lit room with purple rose patterned curtains. The drape is drawn to expose the window and the walls are a cream white. Her hair is pop art with its hue and do. She has on magenta zippered lingerie that has been unzipped and pulled up over her boobs. Her shoulder with an array of tattoos can be seen. Her busty boobs are bare but she has covered her areola and nipples with her hands. The nails are manicured and neat.